The quality of Kobe beef is one that has distinguishes itself from other beef, known for its fine texture, extreme tenderness, world-renowned flavor, and being beautifully well-marbled beef. It is different from any other meat on the Earth because the fat on the beef is of the highest quality, and the melting point is so low that the beef practically melts in your mouth. The taste, the texture of the beef, and the way the beef is raised to produce the best ratio of fatness and leanness are all things that completely separate it from other types of meat and put it in a class of its own. At our restaurant, only award winning beef is bid on and purchased at Kobe beef competitions. Shingen continuously monitors its costs, and is very particular and uncompromising about only providing the finest quality Kobe beef. There are very few restaurants, even in Kobe, that provide 100% genuine Kobe beef like we do. Please try the world-renowned and treasured taste of Kobe for yourself.

Greeting from the owner

Kobe beef is widely known as the number one beef in the world, and continues to captivate people throughout the world, as the number one brand of beef. At Shingen, award-winning Kobe beef and the highest grade of Kobe beef is purchased. Only whole cattle with the highest awards (champion cattle) are purchased at the biggest Kobe beef auctions in Hyogo. By buying the whole cattle directly, it allows us to bypass wholesale distributors and provide you with reasonable prices that our competitors cannot compete with. The painstaking effort of going to auctions to look around for Kobe beef with the finest-grained marbling, flavor, smell, just the right amount of fat, as well as paying strict attention to the way they were raised at fattening farms. Only award winning Kobe beef is looked at, and from there it is further narrowed down by keeping a stern eye at identifying only the most delicious beef and only the highest grade of Kobe beef to be acquired. Please try genuine Kobe beef and taste the highest quality Kobe beef that you can only find at Shingen.

Yoshiaki Matsuda

What is Kobe beef?

“Kobe beef” is the title given only to selected Tajima beef. Tajima beef or cattle (Tajima-gyu or Tajima-ushi) are a type of black Wagyu cattle in Japan. The meat is a delicacy known for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty well-marbled texture.The Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association has strict conditions which must be fulfilled in order to qualify as Kobe beef. In order to the get the stamp of approval as Kobe beef the following conditions must be fulfilled:
1. Be Tajima cattle born in Hyogo Prefecture (Tajima cattle of pure lineage)
2. Farm fed in Hyogo Prefecture (Only fed grains and grasses from within Hyogo Prefecture)
3. Be bullock (steer or castrated bull) or virgin cow
4. Processed at approved slaughterhouses in Hyogo Prefecture.
5. A fat marbling ratio called “Beef marbling standard” or BMS of level 6 and above
6. A meat quality score of 4 or 5 (the two top grades)
7. Gross weight of 470 kg or less (1036 lbs.)
8. Assigned a 10-digit ID number so that the authenticity can be traced back to the specific cow that it came from.

Making history

On March 8, 2004, twenty years after Kobe beef acquired its name officially, the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association commemorated its 20th year memorial anniversary and celebrated the history of Kobe beef. It was there that Shingen broke a record by purchasing the most expensive cow in history, an award winning grand champion cow for 7,220,000 yen! (almost $65,000). Shingen is proud to have many famous people and famous sports athletes that continue to eat at the restaurant and the restaurant continues to win many awards.