Many people from around the world, believe that they have already tried real Kobe beef. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these people have been deceived. Even though Kobe beef as well as Kobe Meat and Kobe Cattle are patented terms and protected by strict law and regulation in Japan, unfortunately those laws and regulations are not protected by U.S. law and laws in other countries. In many parts of the world, companies freely label something as real “Kobe beef”, and many restaurants decide to put “Kobe beef” on their menu so that customers buy it thinking that they are getting the real thing. Kobe beef is difficult to regulate, and in the end it is the customer that ends up deceived and spending money for something that they weren’t aware they were buying.


At Shingen, not only do we provide only certified authentic Kobe Beef, but we provide award-winning Kobe Beef. Unlike many other restaurants, at Shingen we purchase whole cattle. This is important because a lot of skill and effort is involved in ensuring that every part of beef is used, resulting in reduced prices for the customer. This is also important because this enables Shingen to purchase the highest quality Kobe Beef for our customers and guarantee the quality of our beef. Most restaurants purchase only certain parts of beef, resulting in lots of extra expenses being incurred which prevent them from purchasing high quality beef or providing the beef at a reasonable price. Many restaurants advertise as serving authentic Kobe beef. It is very difficult to know whether it is truly authentic Kobe Beef or not. At Shingen we are dedicated to providing only authentic Kobe Beef for our customers.


Kobe Beef has a status of being one of the most delicious and highest grades of beef in the world. At Shingen, we have hand-picked only the best Kobe Beef, and provide you with the highest world-class quality beef. All of the Kobe Beef at Shingen is chosen from only the best quality award-winning Kobe Beef in Japan.
To narrow it down further, we have selected the most delicious parts of Kobe beef for our “Royal XVII Kobe Beef” course.
For this course we have selected all the most delicious cuts of Kobe beef and serve it on a plate with a picture with the corresponding parts written on it (written in Japanese). This course is for those that really love Kobe Beef! You can’t find this course anywhere else, and for those that reserve this course, they will receive a card which officially certifies that they have eaten real Kobe Beef. Make a reservation today, and try our award-winning Kobe Beef at Shingen!


This card has an official mark and is a Certificate of Authenticity officially certifying authentic Kobe Beef as determined by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. It is given to to those that order the Royal XVII Kobe beef premium course.
Price: 25,000 yen per course (plus tax and service charge)
*Each course is roughly about portions for 2 people.
Due to high demand, we highly recommend making an online reservation for this course beforehand (if ordered at the restaurant, we will likely be sold out)

◇ Certificate of Authenticity
This card is a Certificate of Authenticity officially certifying that you have eaten the Royal XVII Kobe beef course and 100% authentic Kobe Beef.