Kobe Beef Shingen and Seishinhanten is perfect for those who want to enjoy their free time with family, friends or that special person in their life. Trying genuine Kobe beef is a must! It is recognized worldwide as the best grade of beef in the world. Our Kobe beef is certified as authentic Kobe beef and has won countless awards. You can choose from the finest grade of beef for any cut that you like in our courses such as our Choice Kobe beef course or our Kobe beef steak.


At our restaurant, we only serve award winning beef (champion cows) purchased at Kobe beef competitions. The painstaking effort is made of going around and looking for only the highest quality award winning Kobe beef. We provide the highest quality Kobe beef in the world.


Shingen (Kobe branch) seating: 38 seats with individual booths, 5 private rooms and 36 table seats (Japanese style on the floor with cushions)
Seishinhanten seating: 134 seats (reservation available for large groups )
Closed: Closed on the 8th every month.
Smoking: Permitted


Reservations:Reservations accepted for 2 or more people. ※ Payment required beforehand via credit card.
Payment method:Cash (Japanese yen), and the following credit cards: VISA,MASTER,JCB,AMEX


【Category】Kobe beef, Japanese barbecue, Yakiniku, Best beef, authentic Kobe beef
【Location】Japan, Kansai, Kobe
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